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Would you eat horse meat unconsciously rather than donkey meat ..? In a truly bizarre soap0pera, it appears that the mysterious meat burgers in Burger King in the UK, which I claimed earlier that it is not even the worst thing you can find in your burger would ever be processed. Donkey meat

In case you are not really more 'up to date' with this Burger King meat scenarios, the following. Burger King had initially admitted that its burgers contain a "special meat component. There was one couple of weeks ago thought that Burger King horsemeat meant.
That coverage of Burger King (BK) came just days after the European horse meat items flew through the media and had BK stated that their burgers were purely in the UK .. Their exact statement, which was made in this context, which was conceded that it would go to horse meat was as follows:

"4 Monsters that we recently acquired the plant in Silvercrest showed tiny amounts of DNA of equine ... We found that Silvercrest of untested Polish suppliers. A small percentage of its meat imported This is a violation of our specifications, and partly for this reason, we have terminated our relationship with this company. "

donkey independentHet thus appears that BK actually admits that it has about what actually is in her food, or in other words, in a more sinister scenario that BK has no message of what consumers think and feel. hear nothing control BK but instead is interested in securing its profits, without making noise or get. Lawsuits on her pants This report originally appeared only in The Guardian, but the story ensued on ..!
Because in a new report, which appeared in an article in The Independent, it appeared that the 'other meat' sometimes donkey meat could be .. And if this is now more worrying is or equally disturbing, I'm not sure. I base this on a law recently came into force in Romania, which many people who would not bring the 'mystery meat component' in the 'Whopper'-burgers from BK ..! Related
But as it now appears, appears to ensure that certain types of transport are now excluded, including horse-drawn carriage! That Romanian law And as a result of this legislation, many citizens seem to struggle with this law and will get them. Them that their horse to the slaughterhouse And that creates an oversupply of horse meat in the European market.
But what about the asses ..? Also use these Eastern European families donkeys to pull their wagons. According to the notice of the Vice-President of the Agriculture Committee of the European Parliament, José Bové, this legislation appears to take millions of animals whether it's horses or donkeys ..:
"Horses are the Romanian roads banned and therefore millions of animals are brought to the slaughter ..."
donkey Romenia

A young couple on their ezelenkar .. Recently, however legally forbidden to participate. In traffic But where are the donkeys and horses drag these cars ..?

And so here is a completely different story ..
Millions of animals are thus fed to the slaughterhouses in order to produce, which in turn ends up in the meat industry. Meat At this time no one actually knows, what the European meat meat suppliers now have in the tub .. French government officials have now, as you know, started an investigation into this affair and the French Minister for Consumer Affairs, Benoît Hamon now wants meat behind these European companies.

In fact, this can turn into serious lawsuits, especially if it appears that these companies have acted completely premeditated. If And supplier daging so the horse and donkey meat deliberately sold like 'beef' ..

Whether it's donkey or horse meat is in your burger, it is of course a that you sometimes become aware that the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry as a profit-oriented INDUSTRY is .. Produce and sell, make money and keep your customers happy. It happens many therefore as no surprise that there could possibly sit, donkey meat burgers that will still prove detailed ..!

It just comes down hard, as always already proved again that consumers may have in what they put in their mouths. Supplier daging sapi absolutely no trust more And this is obviously more important than knowing whether it's horse meat or donkey meat is what you put in your mouth ..! If you did that already (or still are!) ..!

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